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Happy Easter...

...and this Bunnicula is awesome!

The Sissification of Monsters (and why everyone needs to chill out about it)

So, in case you missed it, horror monsters have gone gay. I mean, they’ve all gone gay. Really gay. Facebook said it, so it must be true. Or at least, this little gem popped up not so long ago, which prompted numerous users to comment as such.
So, besides committing the cardinal meme sin of misspelling the joke, this little piece goes a step beyond the standard Twilight-bashing to hold both Harry Potter and Avatar to account for their crimes in apparently turning a generation of fantasy loving young filmgoers into gigantic wusses. Or at least, offering up monsters that just aren’t scary anymore.
But can we keep perspective on this for just a second? What did happen? Simply put, scary horror films with monsters as their villains became less popular, while the popularity of fantasy films with misunderstood monsters as their heroes grew. That is it. The speculative genre evolved and diversified as it always has. There is no cause for alarm here. Publishers reacted for several brief years…

That Awkward First Post

Hello, and welcome.

Come in. Sit. Or if you are sitting, stand. Get a nice cup of coffee, then sit again. Look at cute cat pictures until you realise your coffee is empty. Then go get another and return to sit again and maybe, just maybe, write a new line or two. Perhaps a whole scene if it's a good night. Repeat this process every night for a week or more and it will probably give you a good understanding of the fiction writing process, or at least mine, which I guess can't have been completely unproductive since it finally resulted in the completion and eventual acceptance by a publisher of my first novel, The Beast Without. I'll be posting a bit more about it as it gets nearer a release date later this year.

This is the inaugural post on what I'm currently resolved will become a regular blog on my writing and all things that shape it. That pretty much opens this space up to discussion of fantasy, horror, travel, theatre, LGBT culture and anything else that twists i…