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Don't say f-g! - Did we learn anything from the Hays Code?

Not too long ago, Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal called for the film and television industry to clamp down on gay slurs and stereotypes in scripts they received. For the record, her precise words were: "How about next time, when any of us are reading a script and it says words like fag, or faggot, homo, dyke, take a pencil and just cross it out.”
So if the film industry takes Amy’s advice, then as derogatory terms like ‘fag’, ‘dyke’ et al slowly disintegrate from everyday language, we’ll suddenly see them vanish from film and TV as well. Fair enough. After all, you probably wouldn’t put up with those terms from your colleagues, clients or strangers, so why should you have to hear them in media? Pascal also has this to say: "...there is not much any of us can do about what people hear from families and friends, but there is a whole hell of a lot we can do about what people see."
And for all Pascal’s good intentions, that phrase that reveals why this is such a bad i…