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Gay Magical Elves (and the most annoying 'pro-gay' meme in the universe!)

Straight allies of the world, we love you! But we need to get a few things stra-- um... clear.

I kind of dread that if you've made your way to the little slice of web that is this blog, I'm preaching to the converted, but I must preach, nonetheless. I, like many others, am sick and tired of the - yes, well-intentioned - condescension of some people in their efforts to be 'suppotive' of LGBT rights. The problem? That they have a very specific, pre-packaged idea of what gay people are, or should be.

An idea that's ridiculous, infantilising and makes my skin crawl.

Specifically, it's the gay man in the role of reliable side-kick (usually of either the 'sassy' or 'cute' variety), thereby relegating them to the status of a must-have accessory. No, we're not talking genuine friendships that form between gay and straight people here. Those are wonderful. We're talking about the gay friend as fashion statement, whose purpose is to not only sho…

Monster Brunching at Glad Day with Corey Redekop

Want to get your Halloween season off to a fabulous early start?

In Toronto next Sunday the 29th of September?

Gruesome goes better with gay boys.

Climb the twisted stairs to join us at Glad Day Bookshop at 2pm to hear Husk author Corey Redekop and myself read from our acclaimed (Cheers, Mum!) novels. You know you'll be crying into your pumpkin spice latte if you miss it, so do come out for an afternoon of fine horror literature and fun.

First Australian Review of The Beast Without!

Nice surprise on my Facebook feed this morning. The first Australian review of The Beast Without!

It comes from Kazza of On Top Down Under Book Reviews, who ranks The Beast Without 4.5 Blood Shade Stars (cute!) out of 5, calling it " incredibly good piece of writing." (See the full review via the link).

Thanks Kazza! Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for such a great in-depth review.