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Happy 2014!

I hope everyone's been a responsible adult and is halfway to drunk or passed out by now. Just want to wish everyone a happy 2014. I hope it brings you that much closer to everything you hope for.  

For me, 2013 was an incredible year with new jobs, new friends, new countries off my travel list, seeing old friends, and of course my first published novel and all that came with it. So to my friends, readers, fellow authors, or those of you who found this blog at random, whether we've known each other forever, only met once or never met at all, thank you for being part of it. Here's to many more memories in 2014!


Merry Christmas (and how to keep it merry for the introverts in your life)!

So I know this is very last minute, but I just wanted to wish everyone all the best for whichever of the season's holidays you observe, and to say this:

If you’re doing a big, noisy Christmas this year, please remember to love and care for your introverts. They’re putting themselves in a stressful situation because they love you. That doesn't mean they don’t want to be there. But it does mean if they slip away from the party to take time out, you should let them. It doesn't mean anything’s wrong or that you’re a bad host. Don’t put them on the spot or make them feel like a party pooper just because they won’t join in every game or song. Don’t expect them to keep your kids (be they child or adult) entertained. Keep them well-stocked in whatever they’re drinking and remember there’s a difference between introversion and isolation. They’re still there to see you, so feel free to approach with a bottle of nice wine and two glasses – only two – in hand.

Merry Christmas from my…

Best Covers of 2013 - The Beast Without

Look who's on Joyfully Jay's Best Covers of 2013 list!

Thanks Jay! Thrilled to be included. We think he's a bit of a hottie too!

Saturday Cider & Signings at Glad Day

Another one for the Torontonians! If you are in town this Saturday December 14, our friends at Glad Day Bookshop are putting on a very fine afternoon of book signings and warm cider. I'll be there from 3pm with local authors Jeffrey Luscombe and Michael Rowe (whose book Enter Night just happens to be another terrific vampire story in the classic Salem's Lot vein... only darker). That said, there will be authors there from 1pm, so I hope to see you there!