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Why Three Weeks In, I Still Look Forward to Looking

It seems every gay man… along with every reader of gay romance and his or her pet has an opinion on Looking, the new HBO drama series created by Michael Lannan. Also getting a large chunk of the attention – rightly so – is writer/director Andrew Haigh.
I’m not exaggerating when I call Haigh’s feature film Weekend perhaps the best gay romance of the past decade (yes, I’m including a certain Oscar-nominated cowboy movie in that statement). Weekend is about a short-lived romance between two everyday guys that’s about as far from a scrubbed up gay Hollywood fantasy as you can get. That’s precisely what’s so great about it, and why even those voices that initially slammed it for being too downbeat or not ‘gay-positive’ enough soon came to appreciate its intelligence, sensitivity and cultural significance. Weekend doesn’t patronise us with a happily ever after that was clearly never on the cards. It simply explores the effect that one chance hookup-turned-fling has on these men’s lives. The …