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The future unblogged, GayRomLit Retreat & more on Puppet Boy

So it occurs to me that my blog post yesterday about Puppet Boy is actually my first posting since May, and that the post I made then was a quick announcement about Saints and Sinners, prior to which there had been nothing since February.

Hi. My name's Christian, and I'm a shitty blogger.

"Hi Christian!"

Now, I have huge respect for authors who do blog regularly and keep readers entertained with juicy tidbits of new books, contests, signings and so forth. But while I'll be trying to do this a little more in the lead up to Puppet Boy's release (and hopefully beyond), I am conscious of my strengths, and this ain't one of them. With that said, I do want to talk just briefly about my blog silence, what's changed for me personally, and the state of play creatively going forward into what's shaping up to be a very exciting 2015.

All while doing my best not to descend into navel gazing, I promise. Stay with me.

First of all, GRL. GayRomLit Retreat 2014

Announcement: "Puppet Boy" - A New Novel from Christian Baines

September 25, 2014 Announcement: New Title from Christian Baines

Bold Strokes Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of Christian Baines's new novel, Puppet Boy, scheduled for release in 2015 from Bold Strokes Liberty Editions.

Puppet Boy - Coming in 2015
A school in turmoil over its senior play, a sly career as a teenage gigolo, an unpredictable girlfriend with damage of her own, and a dangerous housebreaker tied up downstairs. Any of these would make a great plot for budding filmmaker Eric’s first movie.

Unfortunately, they’re his real life.

When Julien, a handsome wannabe actor, transfers to Eric’s class, he’s a distraction, a rival, and one complication too many. Yet Eric can’t stop thinking about him. Helped by Eric’s girlfriend, Mary, they embark on a project that dangerously crosses the line between filmmaking and reality. As the boys become close, Eric soon wants to cross other lines entirely. Does Julien feel the same way, or is Eric being used on the gleefully twist…