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When overreacting to reviews is a waste of wine

It's official kids! Calling out an author's vanity project on Goodreads can now get you bopped on the head with a bottle of finest Sauvignon.

Until today, I probably would have passed my time on Earth without ever hearing the name Richard Brittain, or his about self-published opus The World Rose, which has been inviting barbarous reviews on Goodreads and hasn't fared a whole lot better on Amazon.

Hell, would any of us know the name Tommy Wiseau if it weren't for The Room?

Don't count on Mr Brittain picking up Wiseau's ironically appreciative cult audience any time soon though. It's - thankfully - not often that an author goes to the trouble of tracking down and assaulting a reviewer, but this apparently is exactly what's happened here. Specifically, and this is the headline kicker, whacking her over the head with a bottle of wine.

As someone who's been on both sides of the review equation, I'm still trying to get my (unwined) head around why an…