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Who's who in The Arcadia Trust's gay paranormal world?

I love fantasy.

I know. Big shock. But I love big casts, epic, sweeping plots, intrigue, conflicting agendas, conflicted hearts, and bad idea romances. I love reading it. I love writing it. I love it when it's horror tinged or when there's sci-fi mixed in. I love it when there's a romance at the centre or when there isn't. But it can also be kind of overwhelming, particularly if you're coming to a paranormal series for the first time.

My gay paranormal romance / gay urban fantasy series The Arcadia Trust isn't exactly a Russian epic, but it does help to know some names (and perhaps faces. Sorry I don't have pics for you guys but...I do love fan art. Just putting that out there).

So this post is just a little Arcadia Trust 101 for those knocking on Patricia Bakker's door for the first time. Print it, have it with you as you read, frame it beside your pillow, memorise it and then eat it, it's totally up to you. Whatever helps you find your way around…

Death of a Cluster: Why Sense8 is Exactly the TV Cancellation We Don't Need in 2017

Sense8 is dead. Long live Sense8.

Arguably the most original of Netflix's original series has been unceremoniously canned after just two short seasons, leaving fans to speculate why, and flood the internet with outrage (to which I’m… now going to contribute). As I began writing this, a petition to renew Sense8 for a third season had collected just shy of half a million signatures with no sign of slowing. And for the first time in the history of cancelled shows, I’ve added my name to it. Because I think, for the first time in my life, I’m genuinely pissed that a TV show has been prematurely shafted.

Why did Sense8 stir me and so many others to action in a way that, say, the quiet, sensitive genius of Lookingcouldn't? Certainly, it has something to do with closure. Looking ended on an inconclusive, but logical and satisfying note, while Sense8 has clearly been pulled mid-flight after a rushed final episode ending in a cliff-hanger. Maybe it’s because Sense8 was a genuine artisti…