Announcing the Official SINS OF ThE SON Blog Tour

Starting next week, SIN IS IN with the Sins of the Son blog tour! Join me at each stop with a new blog post dedicated to a favourite sin. Plus, there'll be a a giveaway at each of the first 5 stops!

 Jan 15: PRIDE - Love Bytes Reviews
If you can't love yourself...

Jan 16: ENVY - Joyfully Jay
Is the grass really greener, or is it just you?

Jan 17: SLOTH - Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
What's taking so long? Are you even writing?

Jan 20: WRATH - Queer Sci-Fi
Bury your gays? Really? We're doing this again?

Jan 21: LUST - Kimmers Erotic Book Banter
Who's who in the Arcadia Trust dream cast?

Jan 22: GLUTTONY and GREED - Fiendish Whispers

Spread the word, check each stop of the tour for an all new post, and happy sinning!


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