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New Blog and the Restirement of Fiendish Whispers

Hey all. While I'm not a regular blogger, I have been recommending some great books of late for while we're all in isolation (and beyond, I hope!), but you haven't been seeing them here. The reason for that is that I'm retiring Fiendish Whispers and moving all blog posts to my main website, You'll find all my book recommendations there, plus links to where you can buy my books, news about appearances, readings and signings, and more.

If you've joined us from Goodreads, please note that at this time I'm unable to link the new blog directly to that site. Simply bookmark this link to my new blog, and check back for new posts. Right now, I'm continuing to post a new recommended book every day or so.

All the best, and thanks for reading the now mothballed Fiendish Whispers. It served us well!

Reads for Isolation - J P Jackson's DAIMONION

Hey everyone! While we're all isolating like the 17yo who skipped the opening of the new Star Wars to go to an Ingmar Bergman retrospective (hi!), I'm sharing some of my favourite urban fantasy and horror reads with LGBTQ leads, themes, and general frivolity. Okay, J P Jackson's DAIMONION is not so much with the frivolity, but still highly recommended.

One of my favourite discoveries in recent years, I’m hesitant to categorise the first book in Jackson’s Apocalypse series as either urban fantasy or horror, exactly. It occupies some nether-realm in between, which is where much of the plot takes place. A terrific story (in every sense), though not for the faint of heart.

Buy Daimonion here (and onsale, as I write this) from Ninestar Press.

Reads for Isolation - 'Nathan Burgoine's TRIAD BLOOD

Hey everyone. I hope you're all keep yourselves and loved ones safe in this difficult time. If you want to distract yourself with some great reads, I'm going to take the chance over the next few days to showcase some of my favourite LGBTQ and queer-inclusive Urban Fantasy and Horror books from the last few years, starting with the fabulous 'Nathan Burgoine's TRIAD BLOOD.

If you haven’t discovered the wonderful, sometimes whimsical world of ‘Nathan Burgoine yet, definitely take the time to remedy that as soon as possible. Triad Blood brings a vampire, a daemon, and a wizard together into one coterie, diving into the dark mean streets of… Ottawa? You’ll be glad you just went with it.

Buy Triad Blood here from Bold Strokes Books.

New in March 2020: SKIN (paperback edition)

"I only dance when you can touch." - Joanne, Company (1970).

Many readers have asked me in the last couple of years when SKIN, my horror e-novella published through Bold Strokes Books in 2017, will arrive in paperback.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that on Friday, March 13, 2020, you will finally be able to put your hands around this voodoo thriller. Pre-order NOW through Amazon, or your favourite independent bookstore.


"Heart-stopping!" - Sinfully MM Book Reviews

"...kept me on the hook in the slow and clever revelation of Skin's characters, and then threw out a surprise twist at the end." - The Novel Approach Reviews

"...a devastatingly good read!" - Joyfully Jay

" draws you in and won't let you quit reading it." - Gay Book Reviews