Reads for Isolation - J P Jackson's DAIMONION

Hey everyone! While we're all isolating like the 17yo who skipped the opening of the new Star Wars to go to an Ingmar Bergman retrospective (hi!), I'm sharing some of my favourite urban fantasy and horror reads with LGBTQ leads, themes, and general frivolity. Okay, J P Jackson's DAIMONION is not so much with the frivolity, but still highly recommended.

One of my favourite discoveries in recent years, I’m hesitant to categorise the first book in Jackson’s Apocalypse series as either urban fantasy or horror, exactly. It occupies some nether-realm in between, which is where much of the plot takes place. A terrific story (in every sense), though not for the faint of heart.

Buy Daimonion here (and onsale, as I write this) from Ninestar Press.


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